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Travels with Peaches: A Heartfelt Journey


Abused and broken, Peaches got a ride to a new life on Wheels of Hope. (Photo by Abandoned Angels Cocker Spaniel Rescue)
Abused and broken, Peaches got a ride to a new life on Wheels of Hope. (Photo by Abandoned Angels Cocker Spaniel Rescue)

Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals Wheels of Hope transport driver Debbie F. shared her account of a series of recent transports she made for a sweet dog named Peaches who touched her deeply.

“I actually knelt down to pet her as she was being surrendered by her family at the Animal Care & Control of NYC (AC&C) shelter in Brooklyn,” recalls Debbie. “She was a ten-year-old Springer Spaniel with soulful eyes and a broken spirit. Unfortunately, the other thing broken was her jaw. It was so neglected and fractured that her tongue hung as low as her matted ears.”

The fracture was an old one that had healed poorly on its own. At Peaches’ age, however, surgery to re-set the jaw was not an option. Fortunately, Peaches was transferred to Abandoned Angels Cocker Spaniel Rescue, an Alliance Participating Organization. Debbie was called upon to do the transport, and delivered Peaches to the group’s veterinarian.

Six weeks later, Peaches was back on board with Debbie, heading for her new foster home in Montgomery, NY. “This broken girl, who could not even eat or drink water like most dogs, probably because of a kick in the face, was received with hugs, kisses, and tears by her new foster family,” Debbie remembers.

A few weeks ago, Debbie was called in again to transport Peaches back to the vet’s office for biopsy surgery for a mass on her neck. The following week, she drove Peaches back to her foster home. “As we settled Peaches into the van for the trip, she no longer appeared sad and broken,” says Debbie. “Her eyes were those of a very loved animal.”

Peaches’ foster family had insisted that she be returned to them no matter what her prognosis. They didn’t want her to ever feel abandoned again. Sadly, the biopsy revealed cancer. But Peaches is eating well, playing, and enjoying her remaining time with her family, who love her tremendously, and will see her through to the end of her journey.

Debbie’s recounting of her travels with Peaches illustrates the genuine connection our drivers feel with their furry passengers. All in a day’s work? Perhaps. But it means so much more for the thousands of animals each year that depend upon Wheels of Hope to carry them to a better future.

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