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Wheels of Hope Turn to Reunite Sadie and Sunny

The Alliance's Wheels of Hope program helped to make sure that Sadie and Sunny were not separated by domestic violence.
The Alliance’s Wheels of Hope program helped to make sure that Sadie and Sunny were not separated by domestic violence.
As we approach the end of another year, we have been reflecting upon the ongoing impact of our key initiatives and the ways in which your steadfast support has helped us save the lives of more than 300,000 homeless pets since we began in 2003. Your compassion has continued to turn New York City into a better place for animals, and we thank you.

Today, we want to share a story illustrating how your generosity helped one special cat remain with her owner this year, despite difficult life circumstances.

When Sunny adopted Sadie, a 10-year-old black cat, from Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC) a few years ago, she never imagined her life would change so dramatically that she’d have to consider saying goodbye to her feline friend.

Earlier this month, Sunny (whose name has been changed for her safety) became a victim of domestic violence. Forced to flee New York City immediately, Sunny was devastated when she found out that she couldn’t bring her cat on the bus, and that the pet deposit at her new location would be too high to pay. Devastated, Sunny brought Sadie back to ACC, preparing to say goodbye.

At ACC, Sunny was offered help through their Intake Counseling Program, aimed at helping to keep pets with their people through challenging situations like Sunny’s. Through collaboration with several organizations, a new plan emerged.

Via the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals’ Wheels of Hope transport van program, Sadie safely traveled over 500 miles to be reunited with Sunny in their new home.

Thanks to your contributions, our Wheels of Hope kept turning for Sadie and Sunny. They were able to be reunited for the holidays, despite circumstances that would have otherwise torn them apart.

Don’t let New York City pets like Sadie become victims of circumstance. Support more life-saving rides on the Wheels of Hope in 2017 with a tax-deductible one-time or recurring gift to our year-end Out of the Cage Challenge today.

With your help, we will be able to sustain the dramatic impact we have made, and keep saying YES to the New York City animals who will need our help in the new year.

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