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(Photo by Maggie O'Neill)

Would You Let These Cats Go Hungry?

(Photo by Maggie O'Neill)
(Photo by Maggie O’Neill)
Tens of thousands of stray and feral community cats live in the alleyways, backyards, and outdoor spaces of New York City. The NYC Feral Cat Initiative of the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals brings New Yorkers together, teaching organizations and individuals to perform Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) to effectively and humanely reduce the population of community cats in NYC.

Certified TNR Caretakers throughout NYC’s five boroughs are preparing their outdoor cat colonies for the cold temperatures to come. Will you help us to support our neediest Certified TNR Caretakers and the thousands of cats they will keep safe this winter?

We want to lend a helping hand to our caregivers who don’t have the financial resources to provide their colonies with the food and winter-ready shelter they so desperately need, but we need your help.

Just $25 can feed an average-sized colony for one week, and every dollar you give will go directly towards caring for NYC’s at-risk community cats.

The cold weather is here, and time is running out. Don’t let financial concerns come between community cats and their next meal. Join our campaign today and help keep NYC’s neediest community cats safe and warm this winter.

(Photo by Urban Cat League)
(Photo by Urban Cat League)
Elyise Hallenbeck
Elyise Hallenbeck, Director of Development
Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals

P.S.: You can make your gift go that much further and save cats’ lives all winter long by setting up a tax-deductible recurring monthly donation.

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