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Rozzy and Tiffany

Thanks to Our Supporters, Rozzy is Home!


Rozzy and TiffanyThis summer, we received a call from Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC) about a dog named Rozzy, who had been found abandoned and tied to a street post. Upon his arrival at ACC, Rozzy was scanned for a microchip. Thanks to his microchip, it was confirmed that Rozzy was an owned pet.

When ACC contacted Rozzy’s owner, Tiffany, she explained that she had moved to Virginia. Unable to take Rozzy with her at the time of her move, Tiffany left her beloved dog with a trusted family member who promised to take care of him until Tiffany could pick him up. Sadly, this family member abandoned Rozzy on the street. Distraught upon hearing this, Tiffany immediately tried to figure out how to get Rozzy back. That’s when the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals was contacted.

Our mission is not only to our commitment to the day that no cats or dogs are killed simply because they are homeless, but also to work toward ensuring that owned animals don’t become homeless and wind up in a circumstance where they are at-risk for euthanasia. When we heard Tiffany and Rozzy’s story, we were determined to help!

A plan was set in motion, and Rozzy was on his way! Safely aboard the Alliance’s Wheels of Hope, he took the long journey from ACC in NYC to Maryland where his owner, Tiffany, was waiting for him with open arms.

Thanks to your support, the Wheels of Hope keep turning for dogs like Rozzy, and so many other deserving animals.

Don’t let pets like Rozzy become victims of circumstance. Join our Sustain the Success, Sustain the Love! campaign today, and your support will keep our life-saving wheels turning for NYC’s animals.

Sustain the Success, Sustain the Love!

The Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals works with more than 150 partner shelters and rescue groups to offer important programs and services that save the lives of NYC’s homeless pets and community cats.

Thanks to your support, 2015 was a year of substantial progress for the Alliance. We are thrilled to report that our community-wide Live Release Rate is now at an unprecedented 90%!

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