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The Wheels of Hope Turn for Feral Cats and Their Caretakers

Wheels of Hope helps New York City colony caretakers like Anna Falzon trap and transport feral and stray community cats to be spayed or neutered. (Photo by Marybeth Festa)
Wheels of Hope helps New York City colony caretakers like Anna Falzon trap and transport feral and stray community cats to be spayed or neutered. (Photo by Marybeth Festa)


Since 2005, the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals has transported 80,000 cats and dogs to partner rescue groups, adoptive and foster homes, spay/neuter appointments, and veterinary providers with our Wheels of Hope transport program. Our six transport vans run seven days a week, 52 weeks a year, to help NYC’s shelter pets and feral and stray community cats. This month, we are bringing you stories of organizations and individuals who are saving the lives of animals in New York City with the help of our Wheels of Hope. We hope you enjoy these Wheels of Hope: Tales from the Road!

Anna Falzon manages 15 colonies of feral cats in the Rockaways, an area of New York City hit extremely hard by Hurricane Sandy a few years ago. In her work she also encounters friendly cats and works to get them off the streets and into forever homes. Anna often has a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) project underway that involves eight to twelve cats. “The Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals’ Wheels of Hope transport program has been a total blessing in my life, and in the cats’ lives as well,” she says. “Without this service I could not TNR as many cats.”

Because Anna manages so many colonies she often doesn’t have the time to transport the cats herself. That’s where she has found the Wheels of Hope to be a time-saving partner. She recalls many times they have come to the rescue, including, “One time, I needed a feral cat transported to a sanctuary in Upstate New York, and they delivered the cat for me, safe and sound.”

“The staff are a group of wonderful people, always there to help and always kind and understanding. I am ever so thankful for them!”

(Photo by Anna Falzon)

…and They Turn for Charlie

Hi! My name is Charlie and I am a feral cat. I was once a neighborhood Romeo, impregnating all the female cats on the block.

When I was trapped for TNR I was not so thrilled about it, but the people on the block were very happy! I guess I’m okay with it now. So, I want to thank my trapper and feeder, Anna, and especially the Wheels of Hope van that transported me to and from the clinic to get neutered. This wonderful service made the experience easy not only for Anna but for me, too. Thank you!

Love, Charlie

(Photo by Anna Falzon)



Keep the Wheels Turning for NYC’s Animals!

Our current Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals Wheels of Hope fleet has driven a combined 1,415,198 life-saving miles! Our oldest transport vans each have now logged more than 300,000 miles, and our maintenance costs continue to rise with each vehicle’s mileage. In order to sustain the incredible pace we have set for NYC’s animals, we now are in need of a new Wheels of Hope transport van.

This month, as we race to help even more animals find homes for the new year, please join our campaign to keep the Wheels of Hope reliably turning in 2015 and beyond. Your tax-deductible donation will help us continue to help others save precious lives and bring hope to the littlest New Yorkers in the new year. Donate now at http://bit.ly/TurnWheels.

Keep the Wheels Turning for NYC's Animals