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Three Lives Saved. Help Us Save More!

Pitty mix Sasha is awaiting adoption after receiving treatment paid for by the Picasso Veterinary Fund. (Photo by Siobhan Healy)
Pitty mix Sasha is awaiting adoption after receiving treatment paid for by the Picasso Veterinary Fund. (Photo by Siobhan Healy)
Three-year-old Sasha is a sweet Pitty mix who we took from the Manhattan Animal Care & Control of NYC (AC&C) shelter. She was suffering from a severe upper respiratory infection, and time was running out for her. We had her admitted to One Love Animal Hospital, one of our Picasso Veterinary Fund veterinary partners in Brooklyn, where she was treated for the infection and allowed to recuperate. Now she’s ready to be adopted. Sasha is great on-leash, and she’ll be a happy addition to just about any home.

Jacob was on his way to an AC&C shelter when we stepped in and took him into our Picasso Veterinary Fund program. The sweet, six-month-old tuxedo cat had been found in a box someone left on top of an abandoned refrigerator lying by the side of a road in the Bronx. Surprisingly, he was in pretty good shape, except for a nasty case of ringworm. We arranged for Jacob to be treated at One Love Animal Hospital in Brooklyn, where he had to spend 45 days in a cage while being treated. But his ordeal is over, and now Jacob is enjoying life with his new adoptive family.

Pebbles was in bad shape when she was found by a volunteer from one of our all-cat Alliance Participating Organizations. She had been abandoned — tied to a light pole on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. The nine-month-old Lab/Shepherd mix was emaciated, infested with parasites, and borderline hypothermic. We took Pebbles into our Picasso Veterinary Fund program and sent her to Murray Hill Pet Hospital, where she received the treatment and care she needed to restore her to good health. Pebbles is in the process of being adopted and will soon be settled in with her new family.

Save a Life. Donate Now. Picasso Veterinary Fund of the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's ANimalsSasha, Jacob, and Pebbles — three precious lives saved by our Picasso Veterinary Fund. But there are so many more homeless pets who need our help! Last year the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals saved more than 800 cats and dogs through our Picasso Veterinary Fund and other medical programs. And we can continue to save lives with your support.

Your tax-deductible donation to the Picasso Veterinary Fund gets immediate results, because every dollar is used to pay for treatment and care of animals in need. Won’t you help us save lives by donating to the fund?

It’s easy to save a life. Donate today, and wake up tomorrow knowing that one more dog or cat is also awakening to a brighter future!