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Smudgie curls up with her canine friend Petunia on her first day in her new adoptive home in Brooklyn. (Photo by Amy Devecka)

Smudgie curls up with her canine friend Petunia on her first day in her new adoptive home in Brooklyn.

Photo by Amy Devecka

NYC Eartips: Spring 2010

Life is Sweet for Smudgie & Petunia

by Kelly Giuliano & Smudgie

I'm Smudgie, and here I am with my new best friend, Petunia. I was living around the pavilion at the McCarren Park Pool in Williamsburg. I would spend my days hanging around the skateboarders in the new skate park and chasing pigeons. Occasionally I would get into a little scuffle with some of the neighborhood cats, but I never became a part of their group.

My life changed when I met a canine named Petunia. The highlight of my day would be the twice-daily visits that Petunia and her humans, Amy and Renee, would make to visit me. They would bring me food and water, but the best part was getting to play with Petunia. I was such a charmer that Amy and Renee decided they could live with their allergies and let me live with them! With the help of their friend, Kelly Giuliano, I went right into the trap and headed for my new home.

I am so happy, and I had no problem adjusting. Life is sweet!

Editor's Note: If kittens that were born on the street are handled (petted and/or picked up) within the first few weeks of life, they become friendly rather than feral. This may have been the case with Smudgie, as he was used to humans and not afraid to make a canine friend, as well. If kittens are never handled by people, they remain feral and can not be placed into an animal shelter for adoption. If kittens are not taken in to be socialized (tamed) by 10 weeks of age, we recommend that they be TNR'd and returned to their managed outdoor colony.

About the Author

Kelly Giuliano lives in the Williamsburg/Greenpoint section of Brooklyn with her husband, two cats, and four rescued kittens who are available for adoption. A lifelong animal lover, she is a feral cat caretaker of a colony of fifteen cats.