Make Cage Comforters

Cage comforters are simple, small quilts placed in the cages of shelter animals. Not only do they make the cage a more comfortable place to be, but they also can help to increase an animal's chances of adoption by reducing stress and allowing potential adopters to more easily see the animals as part of their homes and lives.

Anyone who can thread a needle can create a cage comforter, and help get a Little New Yorker adopted!

If you are a home economics teacher, scout troop leader, or other professional who works with people for whom a sewing project would be useful, you might consider starting a cage comforter project — a terrific opportunity to learn and help at the same time

Check out Rational Animal’s Mother’s Comfort Project for an example of a hugely successful cage comforter project you can join.

Kitten on a cage comforter
Photo by Rational Animal