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(Photo by Krista Menzel)

Photo by Krista Menzel

Temporary Housing for Pets

Sometimes, life brings challenges that make caring for beloved pets difficult or impossible. Before permanently surrendering your pets to an animal shelter or rescue group because you temporarily don't have a place where you can all live together, explore these other options.

Check with family and friends to see if anyone can help. If you offer to cover food, supplies, etc., you may find someone willing to hold your pets for you.

Did you adopt your pet(s) from a shelter or rescue group? If so, you might try contacting the group(s) to see if they can help you.

If you need to place your pets into temporary foster care, and it is a short-term need with a plan in place, Animal Care Centers of NYC's Owner Surrender Service might be able to help.

Note: If you need immediate assistance for you and your pet in a domestic violence situation, please visit our Domestic Violence & Pets page.