License Your Dog

New York City law requires that you license your dog, and update the license each year. When you license your dog, however, you're doing something more than simply complying with the law. You're giving your dog a ticket home in the event that she or he becomes lost. What's more, by licensing and microchipping your dog, you're providing two important ways for your dog to be returned to you.

Dog with license tag. Photo by Krista Menzel
A current license tag attached to your dog's collar can help reconnect you with your pet should he or she become lost.
Photo by Krista Menzel
If your dog is licensed, anyone who finds your dog can call 311 in NYC and use the identifying number on the tag to locate you as the person to whom the dog is licensed.
How to License Your Dog in NYC

To buy or renew your dog’s license, visit the NYC Department of Health website and follow the instructions to apply online or by mail.

The NYC Department of Health also offers onsite dog licensing at a variety of events throughout New York City. To locate an upcoming dog licensing event, please visit the Dog Licensing page on the DOH website and scroll down to “Same-Day Licensing Events.”