January 2005

Maddie's Fund to Give New York City $15.5 Million

Alameda, CA – January 2005 – Maddie's Fund, the Pet Rescue Foundation (, has awarded $1,738,800 to support the first year of Maddie's Pet Rescue Project and Maddie's Spay/Neuter Project in New York City. As goals are achieved, Maddie's Fund will provide New York City animal welfare groups and veterinarians with up to $15.5 million to end the killing of healthy and treatable shelter dogs and cats within ten years.

Working together towards one common goal, the lifesaving projects in New York City are administered by two different organizations operating under separate Maddie's Fund grants:

Maddie's Pet Rescue Project is led by the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals. Established in 2002, the Mayor's Alliance is a coalition of more than 90 animal rescue groups and shelters working with the city of New York to find a home for every cat and dog in the city who needs one.

The Mayor's Alliance has received a first year grant of $898,800 to increase adoptions by 2,800 over the previous year's baseline and to decrease the number of dogs and cats euthanized in New York City shelters by 2,800.

Maddie's Spay/Neuter Project is administered by the Veterinary Medical Association of NYC (VMA/NYC). Surgeries will be performed by participating private practice veterinarians.

Maddie's Spay/Neuter Project has a first year goal of 14,000 surgeries. The VMA/NYC plans to reach this goal by offering dog spays and neuters for $20 and cat spays and neuters for $10 to pets of low-income New Yorkers. Clients must show proof of income with a Medicaid card. A first year grant of $840,000 has been awarded to the VMA/NYC to administer the project and help underwrite the cost of the surgeries.

The New York City grant award is the largest amount Maddie's Fund has earmarked for any single project, and probably the largest dollar figure set aside for any companion animal endeavor worldwide.

Explains Maddie's Fund President Rich Avanzino, "New York is the most influential city in the world. As such, helping New York save all of its healthy and treatable shelter dogs and cats has ramifications far beyond its borders. This project will be a beacon for the nation and the world."

To follow the progress of Maddies Pet Rescue Project and Maddie's Spay/Neuter Projects in New York City, log on to the Maddie's Fund website at



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Maddie's Fund

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About Maddie's Fund

Maddie's Fund, The Pet Rescue Foundation (, is a family foundation funded by PeopleSoft Founder Dave Duffield, and his wife, Cheryl, to help create a no-kill nation. The first step is to help develop programs that guarantee loving homes for all healthy shelter dogs and cats throughout the country. The next step will be to save the sick and injured pets in animal shelters nationwide. Maddie's Fund is named after the family's beloved Miniature Schnauzer who passed away in 1997.



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