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Thinking About Adopting a Rabbit? February is Adopt-a-Rabbit Month!

Two Rabbit Tails

Danny and Dottie are two amazingly resilient rabbits who demonstrate a tremendous ability to love in spite of very painful hardships.

Danny was rescued from a cold curb in front of a pile of trash the evening before trash pick-up. He was injured, and couldn’t hop using his back legs. So he was thrown out with the trash. Thankfully, Danny was rescued, and was taken in by Bunnies and Beyond

Dottie was abandoned at the Animal Medical Center (AMC) after her previous owner dropped her and injured her back. AMC contacted Bunnies and Beyond, who took her into their care, which currently is focused on rest and rejuvenation in her foster home. 

Rabbits are not the ideal pets for everyone. They require particular kind of care in a safe environment. But if you love rabbits and are willing to take the time to learn how to care for them properly, you’re in for an adventure – one that can be rewarding and satisfying for you and your rabbits.

Notice that we’re speaking of rabbits in the plural form. That’s because rabbits thrive when they have close companionship with a bonded rabbit partner. So if you are thinking about adopting a rabbit, consider adopting a pair. Or, if you already have a single bunny, consider adopting a companion.

What to Consider Before Adopting a Rabbit

A healthy rabbit can live up to 14 years, so bringing a rabbit into your family is a considerable commitment. Rabbits aren’t toys, and they don’t like to be handled or picked up. When they must be picked up, it must be done so properly to make sure their delicate frame isn’t damaged. They’re not appropriate pets for small children, and an adult should always supervise any interactions they have with children.

Rabbits are intelligent, curious, and very social. They need several hours of socializing with their humans each day, preferable outside of their pen. They need space to roam free and explore. And they need an environment that’s free of dangers, such as electric cords and wires, houseplants, and other pets that might harm them. 

An appropriate diet that includes a healthy mix of rabbit-safe greens, pellets, hay, and water is essential to keeping your rabbit healthy. Because rabbits are good at masking illness, they require routine vet care by a rabbit savvy vet. If your rabbit has not been spayed or neutered, it’s critical that you have it done, not only for health reasons but also to ensure that your rabbit doesn’t reproduce if you have intact male and female rabbits in your home.

These are just some of the basics you need to consider before adopting a rabbit. A great deal of valuable information is available online, especially if you visit the websites of rescue groups that specialize in rabbit adoptions. 

If you’ve never had a rabbit before, it’s important that you do your research. Once you’ve read up on the subject, talk with the rabbit experts at local rabbit rescue organizations. They have the knowledge and experience to help you determine if adopting a pair of rabbits or a companion for your single rabbit is the right decision for you.

Where Can You Adopt a Rabbit?

In New York City, it’s illegal for pet stores to sell rabbits. But many rabbits are available for adoption from rabbit rescue groups and shelters. To locate a good place to adopt a rabbit, such as Bunnies and Beyond, visit our Rabbits as Pets web page. There you’ll also find resources for information about rabbit care, veterinary care, spay/neuter resources, and more. 

Now, What About Danny and Dottie?


After being taken in by Bunnies and Beyond, Danny completed his daily physical therapy exercises with the encouragement of his favorite treats – cranberries and bananas! He brought a great deal of joy to his foster mom. With his helicopter ears and daily kisses, Danny scooted his way right into her heart! Today, having healed from his injury, Danny (now called Pierre) is living his best life in the permanent home he shares with his devoted bunny mom and three other bunny siblings.


Dottie, with her delicate white paws and super speedy scoots, is very unique baby bunny. Currently recovering in her foster home, Dottie’s behavior is hilarious – she’s spunky and constantly scoots over to you, demanding head rubs. She absolutely loves fresh parsley and romaine but can only receive a small amount because she is still quite young. Her favorite place to nap is leaning up against a pillow or wall and falling into a deep sleep – probably dreaming about more head rubs. This sweet girl is an absolute delight! 

Dottie isn’t yet available for adoption because she’s too young to be spayed. Once she has been spayed, however, she will be ready for adoption, and will be posted on the Bunnies and Beyond Instagram page.

To meet the wonderful rabbits available for adoption at Bunnies and Beyond, visit their website. Our thanks to Bunny and Beyond’s Meaghan Sonntag for providing write-ups about Danny and Dottie, and for the entire Bunny and Beyond team for their compassionate care of rescued rabbits.