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February is Adopt A Rabbit Month

February is Adopt A Rescued Rabbit Month

Have you thought about adopting a rescued rabbit? 

Across the country, animal shelters and rabbit rescues have rabbits of all ages, shapes, and sizes just waiting to be adopted. In fact, after cats and dogs, rabbits are the third most-adopted pets from animal shelters.

In the right circumstances, rabbits can be the perfect pet. If you want animal companionship but not the demands of walking a pet, a rabbit might be the perfect companion for you. 

Why adopt a rabbit? 

According to Cindy Stutts, House Rabbit Society Educator since 1995, and founder of Bunnies and Beyond in 2017, some reasons people adopt rabbits include:

1. Rabbits have distinct personalities and can bond well with their people. They can be affectionate, cuddly, and charming – just ask anyone who lives with a rabbit. Rabbits get to know their owners well, and like dogs, they can be very social and can be taught commands.

2. Rabbits are very clean pets. They can easily be litterbox-trained once they have been spayed or neutered and, like cats, rabbits keep themselves clean with frequent grooming. That means you won’t have to give your rabbit a bath.

3. Rabbits are great for apartment living or if you don’t have a lot of space – they’re clean, they’re quiet, and you don’t have to walk them.

4. Rabbits have long lives. Bringing a rabbit into your family is not a short-term commitment. When housed indoors and cared for properly, pet rabbits can live eight to 12 years or more. We know of rabbits living to be 15 – 16 years old. Fortunately, today rabbit owners can purchase pet insurance. 

“Many first time rabbit adopters choose a rabbit because they don’t have time for a dog, they’re allergic to cats or they’re not a cat person, and they have heard that a rabbit might make a great alternative,” explains Cindy.

“But rabbits aren’t the perfect pet for everyone,” Cindy continues. “As with any new pet, it’s critical that you do your homework before deciding to adopt a rabbit.”

Plenty of resources are available to potential rabbit adopters that provide a great deal of useful information about rabbit care and behavior. A good place to start is the House Rabbit Society website. Here you’ll find guidance to help you make informed decisions about adopting a rabbit. Also seek out guidance from an experienced rabbit rescuer. Rabbit rescue groups not only know the rabbits they offer for adoption, but they also are excellent sources of information about rabbit health and behavioral issues. And they’re there to provide lifelong guidance and support for adopters. 

Bunnies Available for Adoption from Bunnies and Beyond

Meet Oogie and Apple

Oogie and Apple are a pair of juvenile male siblings. Oogie is the Lionhead, and Apple is the black short-haired boy. They are small now and are unlikely to get bigger than about 4 pounds each. Oogie and Apple must be adopted together. They have been neutered and are in foster care. To inquire about adoption, please email adoption@bunniesandbeyond.org.

See their full Pet Finder profile.

Meet Randall

Randall is a small black and white bunny who came to the shelter practically emaciated and with an oral wound that had abscessed. He is much better now, but he’ll need frequent checkups to make sure he’s at a good weight and has no complications from his abscess. He’d do best in a bunny-savvy home. Randall has been neutered and is in foster care. To inquire about adoption, please email adoption@bunniesandbeyond.org.

See his full Pet Finder profile.

Meet Sophie

Sophie is a small- to medium-sized bundle of hugs and cuddles. She loves when her foster mom picks her up and gives her kisses. Although she is a bit over 6 years old, you would never know it given her binky acrobatics. Sophie has been spayed. We would prefer to place her with a husbun, since she has a leaky eye due to a blocked tear duct. We would consider a doting human, however. To inquire about adoption, please email adoption@bunniesandbeyond.org.

See her full Pet Finder profile,

Meet Rosie

Rosie is a medium-to-large New Zealand White/Florida White mix with an award-winning dewlap. This girl is a group favorite! She’s both highly intelligent and very sweet – she hunkers right down for petting, her dewlap puffed out on both sides of her head like an Elizabethan ruff. If you stop petting her, she’ll lick her chops with her unusually long tongue while waiting for you to recommence. Apart from that dewlap, Lola has rather delicate features – a slender face, smallish eyes, and slim front legs. By virtue of her winning personality, he would make a great choice for a first-time bunny owner. She has been spayed and is in foster care. To inquire about adoption, please email adoption@bunniesandbeyond.org.

See her full Pet Finder profile.

More rabbits are available for adoption from the New York City Animal Care Centers and these local rescue organizations. 

All About Rabbits Rescue, Inc. (AARR)

Bunnies and Beyond

Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group

Rabbit Rescue & Rehab/NYC Metro Rabbits
The New York City Chapter of the House Rabbit Society