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The Alliance Reimagined Website

Reimagined Mayor’s Alliance Website: A Resource for NYC Pet Owners and People Who Want to Help Animals

New Yorkers seeking pet-related resources and information will discover a reimagined source when they visit the Mayor’s Alliance website at AnimalAllianceNYC.org. As part of our new focus for 2020, while continuing our efforts to make NYC a model community for our non-human animal friends and family members, our website now provides a wider and more diverse range of resources for people who need help to care for their pets as well as for people who want to help animals. 

Need Help?

Are you looking to adopt from a shelter or rescue group? Need an after-hours emergency vet, or low-cost spay or neuter? Seeking resources to help improve your pets’ health and safety? Need to report animal cruelty, abuse, or neglect? Found an injured, ill, or orphaned animal? Find resources that can help you take positive actions in these and many other circumstances under our new Need Help section.

Want to Help?

Do you want to foster a pet, or volunteer at a shelter? Donate pet supplies or become a Certified TNR Caretaker? Maybe you’re looking for a job in animal welfare or want to start your own animal rescue or sanctuary? Visit our Want to Help section to find lots of ways you can support the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals, NYC-area animal shelters and rescue groups, and other animal welfare efforts in NYC and beyond.

Keep Informed

Stay abreast of our activities here at the Mayor’s Alliance by visiting our blog, Out of the Cage! We regularly post new articles on our blog, so you can read the latest news and then scroll down to view our older articles and watch a video about what the Mayor’s Alliance has accomplished.

We hope you’ll visit our updated website often, and please share the link widely with friends, family members, and anyone you know who has pets or has an interest in animal issues. And be sure to follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.