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(Photos by Ada Nieves and Jane Hoffman)

Legendary Pet Fashion Designer Deploys Talents to Respond to COVID-19

(Photo by Ada Nieves)

Always at the ready to devote her love and talents to benefit animals, Ada Nieves, renowned designer of fashions for pets of all species, has taken the opportunity during these unprecedented times to use her talents to save the lives of humans. How? By creating face masks to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

Ada has executed extraordinary runway designs over the years for numerous animal fashion shows and events, including our own personal favorites that have benefited the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s AnimalsThe Algonquin Cat’s Annual Celebration at Manhattan’s storied Algonquin Hotel, and the unparalleled New York Pet Fashion Show, which dazzles audiences at the Hotel Pennsylvania each February. She has now adapted her design enterprise to meet a new and unexpected need during these days of COVID-19.

Enlisting the able assistance of her mom, also named Ada, (apparently the designer gene runs in the family!), Ada Jr.’s prolific mask-making operation is making the world a safer place for humans. We were delighted when Ada reached out to the Alliance to donate masks — many of which have an animal theme — for us to share with volunteers, shelter workers, and pet owners. We’ll make sure these fabulous face masks reach folks who need them!

Visit Ada’s Facebook or Instagram to see some of her great face mask designs!

Face masks by Ada Nieves. (Photos by Jane Hoffman)