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The Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals: Our Mission Continues…

Having accomplished our mission to transform New York City into a no-kill city, the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals will now focus on our role as a capacity-builder, a connector, and hub for NYC animal welfare.

To that end, we have revamped our website to provide more in-depth resources for people who want to help animals, and people who need help to care for their pets.

Going forward, we will:

  • Advocate for pet adoption, spay/neuter, and responsible pet ownership.
  • Provide limited services, resources, and guidance to local animal rescue groups and shelters.
  • Act as a consultant, advisor, and mentor to communities nationally. In this role, we will share our knowledge and proven best practices to communities seeking to increase live release rates of shelter animals.
  • Work with the City of New York to address animal welfare-related issues in our community. For example, we will:
    • Work with the administration, lawmakers, and influencers to develop pro-animal legislation.
    • Continue to serve on the NYC Emergency Management (NYCEM) Animal Planning Task Force to develop and execute emergency response protocols for pet owners and their pets.
    • Continue to provide volunteers to support the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH)’s pet vaccination clinics.

Thank you for your support as we continue to strive to improve the lives of NYC’s animals and the people who care for them!

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