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(Photo by Maggie O'Neill)

Mayor’s Alliance Acknowledges Generous Grant from Long-time Supporter, Alley Cat Allies

(Photo by Maggie O'Neill)
Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals is beyond ecstatic, thanks to a generous $100,000 grant from Alley Cat Allies (ACA) to support the delivery of services and resources by the Alliance’s New York City Feral Cat Initiative (NYCFCI) in 2019. The program is dedicated to improving the lives of New York City’s tens of thousands of outdoor community cats and humanely reducing the population of stray and feral cats through trap-neuter-return (TNR) efforts by hundreds of volunteer Certified TNR Caretakers.

Mayor’s Alliance President Jane Hoffman gratefully accepted the grant to support the important work the NYCFCI has performed to date in 2019, citing the gift as a tremendous boost and demonstration of faith for the critical work of the program.

“We are extremely grateful and humbled by this substantial gift from our friends at Alley Cat Allies, who have over the years demonstrated unwavering support and faith in our efforts to provide a better future for our community’s stray and feral cats,” said Hoffman.

Alley Cat Allies, the nation’s leading feral cat advocacy organization, has for nearly 40 years advocated for TNR as the preferred method of humanely managing community cat colonies in the U.S. and abroad. Becky Robinson, AAC’s founder and president, has been a powerful and consistent inspiration to the Mayor’s Alliance, and an invaluable partner to the Alliance in developing and refining many of the training and outreach materials used by the New York City Feral Cat Initiative.

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