Will You Help Get NYC’s Shelter Pets Out of the Cage?


(Photo by Krista Menzel)Want to Do Good This Holiday Season?

This year, we are asking you to rally your friends, family, and networks to support the life-saving work of the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals. By becoming a fundraiser in our Out of the Cage Challenge, you not only will help New York City’s shelter pets, but also give your friends the opportunity to feel good about doing good this holiday season.

Starting a fundraiser is easy to do, and it’s fun! We’ll even give you all the tools you’ll need to make a difference. With your help, we can move NYC’s homeless pets out of the cage and save their lives.

What Is the Out of the Cage Challenge?

We’re launching the Out of the Cage Challenge, a new campaign to raise critical funds to prevent the euthanasia of homeless shelter pets in New York City. Every year, approximately 30,000 pets are surrendered to Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC). Due to constant influx, overcrowding, and limited resources, unless these pets are adopted or moved to no-kill animal rescue groups to await new homes, they are at risk for illness and euthanasia. That’s where the Alliance’s Wheels of Hope program comes in, providing life-saving transportation for these animals out of the cage and into new lives.

By participating in the Out of the Cage Challenge, you will give thousands of homeless pets a second chance by helping them get out of the cage. Your support will directly impact their lives by providing the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals with the funding necessary to transport these animals to new homes or no-kill animal rescue organizations via our Wheels of Hope vans. This holiday season, we want you to be a part of this life-saving effort!

(Photo by Krista Menzel)Thinking of Giving an End-of-Year Gift to the Alliance?

Use your gift to plant a seed! First, join the Out of the Cage Challenge campaign, then donate your end-of-year gift to your own fundraiser and share your campaign link with your family and friends. By sharing your compassion for homeless pets, you will exponentially increase your impact on the lives of NYC’s animals!

Learn More & Get Started

Help Us Get NYC's Shelter Pets Out of the Cage

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Miles For Paws Team to Run 2016 TCS NYC Marathon


AjaxYour donation will help us continue to save the lives of homeless dogs, cats, and rabbits in New York City.

The TCS NYC Marathon is coming up this weekend, and our Miles For Paws marathoners are training hard for the big race! You can help our runners achieve their personal best on Sunday, November 6, by supporting them with your tax-deductible donation. Remember, when you pledge support for our team, you’re also supporting the programs of the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals.

We’re almost at the starting line! Please pledge your support for Team Miles For Paws today!

Meet Our 2016 Marathoners
Meet the runners who are saving the lives of NYC’s animals by running for Miles For Paws in this year’s TCS New York City Marathon…

Terria Clay


Terria Clay
Those who know me know I’ve loved animals all my life. Running however, is a fairly new love of mine, as I discovered it just 6 years ago. I’ve had the opportunity to run some incredible races and gained a personal sense of accomplishment that I’ve found with few other activities. To combine that accomplishment with an opportunity to give back to NYC’s animals was one of the easiest decisions I’ve had to make. I’ve got just a small amount left to raise and I can’t wait to get to the marathon start line to do my part as a Miles For Paws pack member!

Jennifer DiMartino


Jennifer DiMartino
It brings me great pride to run the TCS NYC Marathon as part of the Miles For Paws pack. With every mile, the funds and awareness raised are going directly towards saving the lives of NYC’s animals. By providing shelter, medicine, food, and a safe harbor, the Alliance is caring for those New Yorkers who cannot ask for help, but who most desperately need it. My life has always had animals of all sorts in it, and they give back much more than we can give them. I am a proud New Yorker running for our littlest residents!

Joey Sigona


Joey Sigona
Our beloved four-legged family members, Spanky and Buddie, are rescue dogs. After we adopted Spanky, I would often reflect on how his rescue has enriched my life in so many ways. I often give thanks to the hard work that goes into finding homes for animals, and the resulting love they can bring your family. About a year ago, I took up running as a challenge for myself to get outside more. I often do training runs with Spanky in Prospect Park and found more and more enjoyment in it. I then discovered Miles For Paws, which combined my love of animals being rescued with that of running. Spanky and I did an official 5K together, and I fell in love with this charity.



Kayleigh Stevens
I currently work at Murray Hill Pet Hospital as a veterinary assistant, and I’m working to earn my degree as a veterinary technician. I’m the owner of two loving cats, Gwenevere and Orla, and I have been an animal lover all my life. I’ve never been a running enthusiast, but after I ran my first 5K I was hooked! I’m excited to have the opportunity to run the TCS NYC Marathon, especially for such a worthy cause.


Miles For PawsWe hope you’ll turn out to cheer for our runners as they make their way along the TCS New York City Marathon route. If you take photos of the race, please share them on social media (tagged with #MilesForPaws), or e-mail them to MilesForPaws@AnimalAllianceNYC.org.

Support the Team

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Would You Let These Cats Go Hungry?

(Photo by Maggie O'Neill)

(Photo by Maggie O’Neill)

Tens of thousands of stray and feral community cats live in the alleyways, backyards, and outdoor spaces of New York City. The NYC Feral Cat Initiative of the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals brings New Yorkers together, teaching organizations and individuals to perform Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) to effectively and humanely reduce the population of community cats in NYC.

Certified TNR Caretakers throughout NYC’s five boroughs are preparing their outdoor cat colonies for the cold temperatures to come. Will you help us to support our neediest Certified TNR Caretakers and the thousands of cats they will keep safe this winter?

We want to lend a helping hand to our caregivers who don’t have the financial resources to provide their colonies with the food and winter-ready shelter they so desperately need, but we need your help.

Just $25 can feed an average-sized colony for one week, and every dollar you give will go directly towards caring for NYC’s at-risk community cats.

The cold weather is here, and time is running out. Don’t let financial concerns come between community cats and their next meal. Join our campaign today and help keep NYC’s neediest community cats safe and warm this winter.

(Photo by Urban Cat League)

(Photo by Urban Cat League)

Elyise Hallenbeck
Elyise Hallenbeck, Director of Development
Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals

P.S.: You can make your gift go that much further and save cats’ lives all winter long by setting up a tax-deductible recurring monthly donation.

Save a Life. Donate Now.

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NYC Feral Cat Initiative Does Not Place Cats for Rodent Control

(Photo by Jake Remington, Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals)

(Photo by Jake Remington, Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals)

Recently, four feral cats that we helped relocate to the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center have caught the attention of journalists. Their stories and headlines have focused on how these cats are providing the service of driving rats away from the Javits Center’s loading docks. While this is true, many of these articles have been misleading and simplistic in their explanation of how and why these cats were moved to the Javits Center, and in their characterization of the services provided by the NYC Feral Cat Initiative (NYCFCI) of the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals, a non-profit organization that receives no government funding. The facts of our program’s mission are outlined below, including attention to the discrepancies found in recent media coverage.

The NYCFCI would never place a cat on the street for the purpose of providing rodent control. Our express mission is to have as few cats living on the streets as possible. The very rare person who offers to adopt a feral cat or colony in need of relocation must pass an application process showing they wish to provide compassionate daily care to the cat or colony at-risk, and are not merely looking for “mousers.”

In New York City, more than 6,000 trained volunteers practice the humane Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) colony management technique to sterilize, vaccinate, feed, and monitor already existing, self-formed cat colonies until they completely disappear through gradual attrition. The NYCFCI provides free TNR certification training workshops throughout the five boroughs. Those who complete the workshop become eligible for free spay/neuter and other free services provided by the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals, the ASPCA, and other area organizations to support their volunteer work to help community cats

(Photo by Maggie O'Neill, Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals)

(Photo by Maggie O’Neill, Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals)

It is true that neighborhoods and areas hosting spayed/neutered community cat colonies managed through TNR do enjoy the collateral benefit of a non-toxic rodent deterrent. The scent established by hosting and feeding cats regularly in one place is what keeps the rodents away. Breeding female rats will move away from an area inhabited by resident cats that would clearly be a danger to their litters. When the breeding females move out, the male rats follow. Cats will remain in place with the daily food, water, and shelter provided by a colony caretaker, and will not just follow the rodents for survival.

NYC Parks GreenThumb community gardens offer excellent examples of this effect. Those gardens that host cat colonies are rodent-free, while others without a cat-friendly policy are infested with rats, to the dismay of the gardeners. The Morris-Jumel Community Garden very successfully implemented TNR on the colony that had adopted their garden. The members supply daily care at a feeding station and have installed winter shelters. Thanks to the presence of the cats that call the garden home, members now can enjoy evening parties and activities within the garden that are not possible at other gardens where cats are not welcome and rats rule the roost from dusk to dawn.

(Photo by Maggie O'Neill, Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals)

(Photo by Maggie O’Neill, Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals)

It was by coincidence that the Javits Center offered to host a colony of cats, and shortly thereafter an already existing group of street cats needed relocation from an area that had become too dangerous for them to continue to be cared for safely. The NYCFCI knew that several cats had already lived safely at the north end of the Javits Center for more than ten years.

Relocating cats is not easy, and it requires careful planning and time. These new cats were successfully relocated from danger to safety and released at the Javits Center after a three-week period of confinement onsite for habituation after confirming their comfort level in an area with heavy traffic and loud noise. As it turned out, the new cats have helped to control the rodent population at the south end’s loading docks, but that would not have been sufficient reason for our placing them there. They had been offered a permanent home, not conditional to their performance as rodent deterrents. It worked out marvelously to mutual benefit at the Javits Center, but providing “mousers” is not a feature of the NYCFCI program.

We are thankful that the Javits Center agreed to provide a new home for these displaced community cats. The Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals applauds the Javits Center’s commitment to protecting NYC’s domestic and wild animals, including their work on updating windows to prevent bird strikes and creating a wildlife-friendly green roof.

The NYC Feral Cat Initiative (NYCFCI), a program of the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals, supports the efforts of organizations and individuals who work to help stray and feral cats — collectively known as “community cats” — and perform Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) in New York City. Our goal is to humanely reduce the population of community cats in NYC.

The NYCFCI’s support services include:

  • Free TNR certification workshops in the five boroughs and online
  • Free specialty training workshops, such as bottle-feeding, taming kittens, shelter building, and neighborhood relations
  • Free loans of traps, dividers, and cages
  • Free transport of traps and cats to and from clinics and holding/recovery space via the Alliance’s Wheels of Hope vans
  • Free community outreach materials
  • Advice, outreach, public education, and resources via phone and e-mail help desks, and on the NYCFeralCat.org website
  • Help building relationships among members of the TNR community
  • Administration of spay/neuter and adoption support grants for community cats

(Photo by Krista Menzel, Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals)

(Photo by Krista Menzel, Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals)

The Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals is supported entirely by donations from foundations, corporations, and individuals and receives no government funding. You can help us continue to save the lives of New York City’s feral and stray community cats and humanely reduce the number of kittens being born on our streets by making a tax-deductible one-time or monthly donation of any size.

If you are a journalist who is interested in creating a piece that reflects the more complex realities of our program and TNR, we welcome the opportunity to discuss our work further, and to provide information and photographs. Please contact:

Steve Gruber, Director of Communications
Phone: (917) 359-6003
E-mail: steve@AnimalAllianceNYC.org

Learn More Save a Life. Donate Now.

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Jackson Galaxy Picks NYC Feral Cat Initiative for October #MonthlyMojo


Jackson Galaxy Foundation Monthly Mojo - October 2016 - NYC Feral Cat InitiativeEach month, the Jackson Galaxy Foundation’s Monthly Mojo program rallies support for an animal welfare organization. Monthly Mojo is an example of the JGF vision in action. This unique program allows the use of the extensive media reach of Jackson Galaxy and the Jackson Galaxy Foundation to share the inspiring work being done by animal welfare organizations across the nation and even around the world.

The NYC Feral Cat Initiative (NYCFCI), a program of the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals, is thrilled to be named the October 2016 #MonthlyMojo recipient!

For the full month of October, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase Jackson Galaxy’s TNR Cat Buddy toy. Filled with organic catnip, this Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) power kitty toy comes complete with a left eartip! $5 of each sale will directly benefit the NYCFCI. What a great way to celebrate National Feral Cat Day on October 16, to get a head start on your holiday shopping, or to share your love of community cats with a feline friend!

The NYCFCI will also be featured on Jackson Galaxy’s website, the Jackson Galaxy Foundation website, and GreaterGood.org, where you can read more about and make a fee-free donation to support the work we’re doing in New York City to help community cats. Finally, be sure to like the Jackson Galaxy Foundation on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter and Instagram to catch our weekly #ShelterSunday stories, sharing how your help makes a direct impact on the lives of NYC’s feral and stray cats!

Thank you to the Jackson Galaxy Foundation for highlighting the NYC Feral Cat Initiative and celebrating our work this month!

#MaximizeYourMojo! Head on over to Jackson Galaxy’s website and get your TNR Cat Buddy toy today, or make a fee-free donation to help NYC’s community cats through GreaterGood.org.

Jackson Galaxy TNR Cat Buddy Toy

Learn More Save a Life. Donate Now.

Jackson Galaxy FoundationAbout the Jackson Galaxy Foundation
The Jackson Galaxy Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt charity founded in 2014, and the realization of Jackson’s long-standing dream of bettering the lives of animals at risk and helping the people who care for them. JacksonGalaxyFoundation.org


NYC Feral Cat Initiative (NYCFCI)About the NYC Feral Cat Initiative
The NYC Feral Cat Initiative (NYCFCI), a program of the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals, supports the efforts of organizations and individuals who work to help stray and feral cats — collectively known as “community cats” — and perform Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) in New York City. Our goal is to humanely reduce the population of community cats in NYC. NYCFeralCat.org

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