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Out of the Cage! The Blog of the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals

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NYC Eartips: The E-Newsletter of the NYC Feral Cat Initiative

Is the former e-newsletter of the NYC Feral Cat Initiative. Articles reltaed to stray and feral community cats and Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) in New York City are now published in Out of the Cage!, the e-newsletter of the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals.

Archives Directory

February 2012

Always Trap Feral Kittens, Don't Chase 'Em Down and Bag 'Em!

Cali Survives and Finds Her Voice

Onyx Mends, Now Making Friends

Chocolate Discovers Humans Good for Health

Newborn Kittens: We're Not Garbage!

December 2011

Creative Cat Shelters Dazzle Crowds at Architects for Animals Exhibition

November 2011

Architects for Animals' "Giving Shelter" Returns in December

Maddie's® Spay/Neuter Project for Stray Community Cats in NYC

New Video! Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) with the NYC Feral Cat Initiative

Free TNR Certification Workshop in Sea Gate on November 19!

Fall/Holiday 2010

Kitty Beat: Report from the Boroughs

NYCFCI Donates 25,280 Pounds of Cat Food to Feral Cat Caretakers

NYCFCI Hosts Straw Giveaways in Three Boroughs

NYC Architects Support NYCFCI Efforts

NYCFCI and ASPCA Celebrate Feral Cat Caretakers

NYCFCI Volunteer and Staff Collaborate to Save Kitten in Shanghai

Urban Cat League's Mike Phillips Among Winners of HSVMA Award

Powers Street Cat Rescue Completes First TNR Project

Lucky 13

Eartipped Ferals Paint Their Way Into Crown Heights Mural

A TNR Safety Refresher

Neighbors Unite for Midwood TNR

Preparing Your Colony for Winter

Report from Ravenswood

Spay Days at the ASPCA for Feral Cats

Summer 2010

Kitty Beat: Report from the Boroughs

PetSmart Charities Sponsors NYC Kitten Palooza! Workshops

New NYC Trap Banks & Procedures

Kitten Palooza! Workshops in New Jersey Inspire New Volunteers

Prince Chunk Foundation Provides Pet Food & Emergency Vet Care for Those Affected by Troubled Economy

SaveKitty Foundation Spearheads Effort to Save Ravenswood Cats

Mr. Kat Rescued After Harrowing Weeks Home Alone After His Person Dies

The Tail of Cookie

Lucy's Cats

Free Straw with Purchase of Feral Cat Shelter

TNR in the News!

Feral Fiscal Impact Calculator Debuts Along with TNR Cost Research Study

Spring 2010

Kitty Beat: Report from the Boroughs

Problems Reported with KMR Powdered Kitten Milk Replacer

Back by Popular Demand: Kitten Palooza! Workshop Series

Conducting Spay/Neuter Sundays at the ASPCA

Life is Sweet for Smudgie & Petunia

For Animals, Inc., Uses Social Media to Raise Funds for Hank

Hope for a Brooklyn Kitten

Help Us Compile a List of Feral-Friendly Veterinarians

Does Your Organization Work With Feral Cats?

Fall/Winter 2009

Kitty Beat: Report from the Boroughs

Kitten Palooza! Workshop Series, Sponsored by PetSmart Charities, Fills to Capacity

ASPCA Hosts TNR Spectacular! in Queens

A Triangle of Love

Gimme Shelter: Feral Cat Winter Shelters to Build or Buy

NYCFCI & ASPCA Co-host Feral Cat Winter Shelter-Building Workshop & Sale

Letter of Appreciation from Claudia the Cat

NYCFCI & ASPCA Team Up to Present Workshop on Neighbor Relations & Public Outreach for TNR/Feral Cats

NYCFCI Advanced Trapping Techniques Workshop Draws Enthusiastic Audience

Animal Rescuer Creates Petfinder.com App for iPhone

Spring 2009

Kitty Beat: Report from the Boroughs

Tips for Stretching Your Cat Care Dollars

Help for Orphaned Kittens

It Takes a Village to Help Feral Cats — The East Village

The Odyssey of J. Gramps

NYCFCI Welcomes Assistant TNR Director Lois McClurg

NYCFCI Launches Petfinder Adoption Page!

CSM Stray Foundation Feral Cat School Program

Help! Bottle-Feeding & Feral Kitten Socializing Mentors Needed

Tweets and Posts and Shares…Oh, My!

Winter 2009

Kitty Beat: Report from the Boroughs

First-Ever Feral Cat Caretaker Boot Camp! Draws Enthusiastic Audience

Neighbor Relations

Winter Trapping Tips

Tips for Adopters: Interacting with a Shy Cat or Kitten Who Was Socialized Late

A Sweet Outcome for Maple

ASPCA Announces New TNR Scheduling Center

Fan of Facebook and Ferals? Join the Cause!

Fall 2008

Kitty Beat: Report from the Boroughs

Winterizing for Ferals

Drop Trap 101

The ASPCA Bergh Memorial Mass Spay Day — YAY!

The Best Cat in All of Brooklyn: The Harrowing Rescue and Happy Ending for Percy

First-Ever Feral Cat Caretaker Boot Camp!

Town Hall Meeting Brings Together NYC Feral Cat Resources

Meow Mix Donates Cat Food to NYC's Outdoor Cats and Their Caretakers

Summer 2008

Kitty Beat: Report from the Boroughs

Tips for Socializing (Taming) Feral Kittens

Urban Cat League and Pets NYC Team Up in Hell's Kitchen

Proper Feeding Stations Help Avoid Problems with Neighbors & Nature

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