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Powers Street Cat Rescue volunteers prepare traps for their first TNR project in Brooklyn this past summer. (Photo by Amy Angelo)

Powers Street Cat Rescue volunteers prepare traps for their first TNR project in Brooklyn this past summer.

Photo by Amy Angelo

NYC Eartips: Fall/Holiday 2010

Powers Street Cat Rescue Completes First TNR Project

by Amy Angelo, Powers Street Cat Rescue

Powers Street Cat Rescue TNR Project was created in response to the overwhelming number of feral cats on my neighborhood block and their injured and sick offspring. I noticed about a year ago a few kittens and cats a neighbor was feeding. Winter came and went, and when spring arrived, so had those kittens' babies. Not even a year old, these young cats were producing litters. From that moment, I knew something needed to be done. If not, the numbers would just keep growing.

My roommate and I rescued nine of the colony's kittens. After much research, we discovered the New York City Feral Cat Initiative. My friends and I took the Neighborhood Cats TNR workshop and began planning our TNR project for Powers Street.

We successfully trapped 18 cats and had them spayed/neutered and vaccinated on the ASPCA Mobile Spay/Neuter Clinic. Through fundraising events in the weeks prior to the project, we were able to raise enough money to cover the costs for the project, including FVRCP vaccinations, flea treatment, food, and supplies. We returned 17 cats to the colony, and rescued one friendly male, Newman-O, for adoption. All of these cats will have safer, healthier lives thanks to TNR.

Even though it was hard work, it was also very rewarding. The overall success of our first TNR project was due in large part to the fantastic people in the NYC TNR community. Their support, guidance, and words of encouragement really helped! I hope to pass on their knowledge and provide assistance to others as they did for our Powers Street Cat Rescue TNR Project.

About the Author

Amy Angelo is a photographer originally from San Diego, California, who currently lives in Brooklyn, New York. She is the co-founder and organizer of Powers Street Cat Rescue. Since it was founded in June 2010, the rescue group has had great success in the local neighborhood with its TNR efforts, adoptions, and fundraising events for the kitties.