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If your organization works with feral cats, we want to hear from you! (Photo by Meredith Weiss)

If your organization works with feral cats, we want to hear from you!

Photo by Meredith Weiss

NYC Eartips: Spring 2010

Does Your Organization Work With Feral Cats?

If your organization is "feral-friendly," that is, it works with feral cats or does TNR, then we want to know about you!

Whether you are a TNR organization, a rescue group that socializes and adopts out feral kittens, a coalition of neighbors working to improve your community, or any combination of these, we want to know about the work you are doing.

Please e-mail a listing or description of your organization to eartips@NYCFeralCat.org, and we will list you on our website, along with a link to your website. If you do not want any of the following information published, please note the line(s) you want omitted in your public listing:

Organization Name

Mailing Address

Phone Numbe

E-mail Address


Are you a 501(c)(3)?

How do you work with feral cats?: TNR projects, socialize and adopt out feral kittens, bottle-feed orphaned kittens, build feral cat winter shelters, respond to public inquiries/requests for help, host an informational website, provide public outreach at events, manage feral cat colonies, work as a TNR Coach for the NYC Feral Cat Initiative, etc. (Please list all that apply.)

Please also provide the following information. It will not be published in your listing on the FCI website:

Names of board members and key volunteers, and their contact information.

How many cats has your organization TNR'ed since you started?

How many cats and kittens have you adopted out since you started?

Thank you for your help!