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Improving the plight of feral and stray cats in New York City is the focus of the NYC Feral Cat Initiative's efforts. (Photo by Meredith Weiss)

Improving the plight of feral and stray cats in New York City is the focus of the NYC Feral Cat Initiative's efforts.

Photo by Meredith Weiss

NYC Eartips: Fall 2008

The E-Newsletter of the New York City Feral Cat Initiative

Welcome to the fall issue of NYC Eartips, the newsletter of the New York City Feral Cat Initiative (NYCFCI). In this issue you'll be captivated by the true tale of Percy in "The Best Cat in All of Brooklyn." You'll read about the first-ever meeting that brought together many of the NYC organizations that support TNR in "Town Hall Meeting Brings Together NYC Feral Cat Resources." You'll also read about the NYCFCI's first-ever day-long interactive workshop for feral cat caretakers in NYC that we're hosting in December in "First-Ever Feral Cat Caretaker Boot Camp!"

But that's not all. You'll also learn how to prepare your feral cat colony for winter in "Winterizing for Feral Cats." Want to find out how to catch that elusive cat or litter of kittens? Check Out "Drop Trap 101" for information and a video on how to use a drop trap and how you can build or purchase this invaluable equipment to assist in your TNR efforts. In "Kitty Beat: Report from the Boroughs," you'll read about the seven Neighborhood Cats TNR workshops we presented in all five NYC boroughs, and about the dedicated work of the ASPCA, Animal Care & Control of NYC, Animals Saved by Grace, Bronx Tails, CSM Stray Foundation, In Defense of Animals, Neighborhood Cats, P.L.U.T.O. Rescue of Richmond County, SaveKitty Foundation, Slope Street Cats, and Urban Cat League.

The NYC Feral Cat Initiative is a joint program of the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals and Neighborhood Cats, two private non-profit organizations committed to solving New York City's feral cat overpopulation crisis through Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR). Through our newsletter we hope not only to keep you informed of our progress but also to inspire you to get involved in helping the feral and stray cats in your neighborhood. If you are already involved, then we hope our newsletter — and our website www.NYCFeralCat.org — will provide you with useful information that will help you work more effectively with the cats in your care.

Thank you for being a part of our efforts to make New York City a safer place for feral cats. We hope you enjoy NYC Eartips. If you have comments or suggestions for this newsletter, we welcome them at eartips@NYCFeralCat.org. And if you haven't already, please visit our website at www.NYCFeralCat.org.

Together, we can make a difference for the feral cats in New York City.


Best wishes and happy reading,

New York City Feral Cat Initiative


In This Issue…

Kitty Beat: Report from the Boroughs

Winterizing for Ferals

by Bryan Kortis, Neighborhood Cats

Drop Trap 101

by Laura Burns, HubCats

The ASPCA Bergh Memorial Mass Spay Day — YAY!

by Meredith Weiss, NYC Feral Cat Initiative

The Best Cat in All of Brooklyn: The Harrowing Rescue and Happy Ending for Percy

by Stefan Killen

First-Ever Feral Cat Caretaker Boot Camp!

Town Hall Meeting Brings Together NYC Feral Cat Resources

by Valerie Sicignano, NYC Feral Cat Initiative

Meow Mix Donates Cat Food to NYC's Outdoor Cats and Their Caretakers

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Newsletter Team

Editor-in-Chief: Steve Gruber

Art Director: Krista Menzel

Contributing Writers: Laura Burns, Stefan Killen, Bryan Kortis, Krista Menzel, Valerie Sicignano, Meredith Weiss

Photographers/Videographers: Laura Burns, Nancy Fahnestock, John Floyd, Stefan Killen, Bryan Kortis, Cynthia Kung, Carole Milker, Karen Oh, Christine Siegel, Meredith Weiss

The New York City Feral Cat Initiative welcomes reprints of the articles in NYC Eartips. To request permission to reprint any of these articles, please contact us at eartips@NYCFeralCat.org.