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(Photo by Meredith Weiss)

Photo by Meredith Weiss

Donate Supplies to APOs

Alliance Participating Organizations (APOs) appreciate donations of dog and cat food, treats, toys, collars, beds, leashes, bowls, cleaning supplies, towels and blankets, veterinary supplies, office supplies and equipment, gift cards, services, and other items to help them maximize the care they provide for their animals.

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Organize a Supply Drive

Collecting supplies for APOs provides an easy and truly meaningful way you can help the shelters and rescue groups continue their important work. There are several ways to get involved:

Organize a team of friends or co-workers to collect and deliver all of the items on a particular APO's wish list. For example, if you live in Queens, select a Queens-based APO and make it the beneficiary of your team's efforts.

Perhaps you have access to particular supplies that are needed by multiple APOs, such as clean, used linens, cat litter, or dog food. Identify several APOs in your area and donate the supplies to each one.

Post a list of items you'd like to collect for an APO on your apartment or office bulletin board, and generate enthusiasm among your neighbors, co-workers, and friends to help support the animals.