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Terms of Participation for Alliance Participating Organizations (APOs)

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All Alliance Participating Organizations (APOs):

  1. Must be a tax-exempt corporation (be incorporated and have submitted or be about to submit an application for 501(c)(3) status).

  2. Must rescue animals from and in New York City.

  3. Must be an approved New Hope Partner in good standing with Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC) for at least six months.

  4. Must agree not to purport to speak on behalf of the Alliance. The Alliance will not take positions on legislative, regulatory, and/or political issues, although APOs in their individual capacity may do so.

  5. Must agree not to make unsubstantiated negative or disparaging remarks about other APOs.

  6. Must maintain regular adoption and/or spay and neuter programs.

  7. Must be willing to have their shelter, boarding facilities, or locations of foster care network assessed by a representative of the Alliance. Following an assessment, must agree to remedy any issue or condition identified during the site visit and to provide copies of any documentation or paperwork requested, including, but not limited to, adoption and foster applications, proof of spay/neuter and proof of vaccinations.

  8. Must be willing to comply with the following Animal Care Standards:

All cats and dogs must be spayed or neutered (unless determined by a veterinarian to be medically contraindicated).

All cats must be given a Rabies vaccine and FVRCP vaccine, and be screened for FeLV/FIV (exceptions will be made for feral cat colony caregivers).

All dogs must be given a Rabies vaccine and DA2PP (or equivalent) vaccine, and be screened for Heartworm.

All animals must be fed, housed, and exercised appropriately for their species.

  1. Must comply with the following Animal Adoption Standards:

All animals made available for adoption must comply with the Animal Care Standards set forth above.

All animals adopted out must be taken back by the APO at any time after the adoption if requested to do so by the adopter.

All APOs must provide a copy of the adoption application and/or agreement they are using as well as their protocol for checking references. This adoption application and/or agreement must contain certain terms and conditions and the APO must follow certain protocols when checking references. The Alliance, upon request, will provide a standard adoption application and/or agreement and protocols to those APOs not currently using an adoption application and/or an agreement or using an adoption application and/or agreement that does not contain the required terms and conditions and/or not following the required protocols.

We strongly recommend that all animals offered for adoption be microchipped (this is not a requirement but a recommendation).

  1. Must comply with the following Group Adoption Event Standards:

All dogs and cats offered for adoption must either have been rescued in or from New York City or have been taken out of Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC).

All animals brought to events must comply with the Animal Care Standards set forth above.

APOs must carry or be covered by appropriate liability insurance, if obtainable.

APOs must remove any animal that presents aggressive behavior.

APOs must bring an appropriate number of volunteers/employees: at least two people to supervise tabling effort and one volunteer per leashed dog.

APOs must bring all needed equipment and items: banner, crates and carriers, water bowls, water, food, treats, leashes, etc., unless specifically told that these items will be made available at the site to all APOs.

Volunteers/employees must be easily identifiable, e.g., wear t-shirts with group name and logo, name tags, etc.

APOs must arrive on time, stay until the end of the event, and help clean up after the group adoption event ends.

  1. Must agree to Dispute Resolution Procedures for APOs attached hereto.