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Dispute Resolution Procedures for Alliance Participating Organizations (APOs)

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Disputes Between and Among Alliance Participating Organizations (APOs)

In the event that a dispute arises among or between Alliance Participating Organizations (APOs) regarding matters which, if left unresolved, would affect the operations of the Alliance, the Chair of the Board of Directors, in response to a request by one of the Participants, shall gather factual information from the disputants and other interested parties, which may include interviewing all disputants and interested parties

Upon completion of his or her investigation, the Chair will attempt to negotiate a settlement of the dispute. If the disputants, with the assistance of the Chair, are unable to settle the dispute, the Chair shall make a decision and inform all parties of his or her decision, which shall be binding on all disputants, such decision may include suspension or termination of one or both of the APOs participation in the Alliance.

Any disputant who is unsatisfied with the decision of the Chair may petition the Board in writing requesting a review of the Chair's decision.

If the Board agrees to review the Chair's decision, a Subcommittee of the Board shall be appointed. The Subcommittee shall be comprised of three members of the Board of Directors, who shall be available to serve on such Subcommittee on a rotating basis, excluding any member of the Board who is actually affiliated with any of the disputants.

The Subcommittee shall render a decision within thirty days of being convened. The Subcommittee may, but is not required, to hold a hearing.

The decision of the Subcommittee shall be final and binding on all disputants.

Dispute Between Alliance and Alliance Participating Organizations (APOs)

In the event of the receipt of credible information that an APO has failed to comply with the Terms of Participation, the Chair shall immediately suspend that APO from the Alliance.

Such APO will then have thirty days to either (i) present evidence refuting charge of a failure to comply or (ii) cure such failure to comply.

If after the expiration of the thirty-day period the APO has not in the opinion of the Chair, either refuted or cured the failure to comply, the Chair may terminate such APO's participation in the Alliance.

Dispute Between Alliance Participating Organizations (APOs) and Members of the Public

In the event of the receipt of a credible complaint from a member of the public regarding an APO, the Alliance reserves the right to (i) contact that group to discuss the complaint and any details surrounding that complaint and (ii) to act as mediator between the APO and the member of the public to attempt to resolve the complaint.

If after discussion with the APO and the member of the public the Chair finds the complaint is credible and the APO does not resolve the complaint to the Chair's satisfaction, the Chair may immediately suspend or terminate that APO's participation in the Alliance.